Bosch IP-Modul CUHP SP


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Bosch IP Module for Remote Control.   The Bosch IP module allows the heat pump to be controlled via a mobile device. The IP module acts as an interface between the heating system and the network (LAN) and also enables the use of the SmartGrid function. To use the features, you need an internet connection and a router with an RJ45 connector. This may incur additional costs for the user. Before you can control your system with a mobile phone, you need to install a free Bosch ProControl app. Bosch 7000 (Includes AWM, AWB, and AWE) AWE Split 8-15 AWB Split 8-15 Bosch AWM 5-9 (innedel) Bosch AWM 13-17 (innedel) AWB 5-9 AWB 13-17 AWE 5-9 AWE 13-17 AWB 5-9 DNA AWB 13-17 DNA AWE 5-9 DNA AWE 13-17 DNA GEO 312 DNA GEO 412C
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