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ESBE ARA635 2-POINT SPST 230VAC 3NM 15s The ARA600 series, with a 2-point (on / off) signal, is suitable for operation control in combination with valves such as the VRG series. – For example, for a changeover valve motor. In these applications, only the end points of the actuator range are used. The compact actuator is designed to rotate valves DN 15-50 and has a working range of 90 °. The set can easily be operated manually with the pull knob on the front of the cover. The auxiliary switch, available as a pre-installed or optional packaging, can be set to any position and is easily set with a unique solution.   – Reliable and quiet operation. – Can be used for both 2-point and 3-point control signal. – Perfect match between the actuator and ESBE valve. – Auxiliary switch available.
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