Filling Group 521 MultiFill Dn 50


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Filling group LK Armatur 521 MultiFill Dn 50 is a compact mixing valve.
Ground heat pumps 20kW ->
Mutable Bag LK 521 MultiFill Dn 50 Filter. G 2 ”
Max Operating Pressure 1.0 Mpa (10Bar)
Transfer liquid Water – Glycol up to 30%
Transfer liquid Water – Ethanol up to 50% (operating temperature up to 60 ° c)
Rotating standard G outer thread.
Mesh Size Filter. Main valve 0.8mm2
Filling group 0.8mm2
Material, Valve Housing. MessinkiEn 12165 CW617N
Material Filtering. Main valve, Stainless steel
Filling Valve, Stainless Steel
The LK 521 MultiFill® can also be used in other applications where filling and filtering are required.
6 kg