flexible hose 1″ F25, M25 L=75


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It is suitable for joint with the following models: Exchanger -> the electrical resistance of the lower part.   IVT Greenline HT Plus E 14 IVT Greenline HT Plus E17/9 kW IVT Greenline D/E 14 IVT Greenline D/E 16 IVT Greenline HE E14 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E17 v1.x.x Bosch Compress EHP 14 LW Bosch Compress EHP 17 LW IVT Greenline HE E14 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E17 v3.x.x Bosch Compress 5000 14 LW Bosch Compress 5000 17 LW IVT Premiumline EQ E6 IVT Premiumline EQ E10 IVT Premiumline EQ E13 IVT Premiumline EQ E17 IVT PremiumLine HQ E10 IVT PremiumLine HQ E13 IVT PremiumLine HQ E17
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