IVT expansion valve 407C TUBE R 6 SP


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IVT Expansion Valve R407C TUBE 6 SP. Series including Danfoss expansion valve, insulation and modification of copper tubes.   expansion valve is a joint compatible with the following models: Old part no. 87182003620   IVT Greenline C5 IVT Greenline HT Plus C6 RF IVT Greenline HT Plus E6 IVT Greenline Plus E6 IVT Greenline D/E 5 IVT Greenline HE E6 v1.x.x Bosch Compress EHP 6 LW IVT Greenline HE C6 RF v1.x.x Bosch Compress EHP 6 LWM RF IVT Greenline HA C6 RF IVT Greenline HE E6 v3.x.x IVT GreenlineHE C6 RF v3.x.x Bosch Compress 5000 6 LW Bosch Compress 5000 6 LWM RF
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