PIL interface card


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IVT PIL interface card There is a common compatible with the following models: IVT Greenline HE C11RF v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E6 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E7 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E9 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E11 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E14 v1.x.x IVT Greenline HE E17 v1.x.x Bosch Compress EHP 11 LWM RF Bosch Compress EHP LW 6 Bosch Compress EHP LW 7 Bosch Compress EHP LW 9 Bosch Compress EHP LW 11 Bosch Compress EHP LW 14 Bosch Compress EHP LW 17 Bosch Compress EHP six RF LWM Bosch Compress EHP 7 LWM RF Bosch Compress EHP 9 LWM RF IVT Green Line RF HA 6 IVT Greenline HA C7 RF IVT Greenline HA C9 RF IVT Greenline HA C11 RF IVT Greenline HE E6 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E7 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E9 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E11 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E14 v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE E17 v3.x.x IVT 6 GreenlineHE RF v3.x.x IVT GreenlineHE C7 RF v3.x.x IVT GreenlineHE C9 RF v3.x.x IVT Greenline HE C11 RF v3.x. Bosch Compress 5000 LW 6 Bosch Compress 5000 7 LW Bosch Compress 5000 LW 9 Bosch Compress 5000 11 LW Bosch Compress 5000 14 LW Bosch Compress 5000 17 LW Bosch Compress 5000 6 LWM RF Bosch Compress 5000 7 LWM RF Bosch Compress 5000 9 LWM RF Bosch Compress 5000 11 LWM RF IVT Premium Line EQ E6 IVT Premium Line EQ E8 IVT Premium Line EQ E10 IVT Premium Line EQ E13 IVT Premium Line EQ E17 IVT premium line RF EQ 6 IVT Premium Line C8 EQ RF IVT Premium Line RF C10 EQ IVT Premium Line HQ E6 IVT Premium Line HQ E8 IVT Premium Line HQ E10 IVT Premium Line HQ E13 IVT Premium Line HQ E17 IVT premium line 6 HQ RF IVT Premium Line HQ C8 RF IVT Premium Line RF C10 HQ IVT Premium Line HQ C4,5 RF
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